Commemoration of the Battle of the Forty



Location: Nelles Manor Museum

Save the Date for this exciting event, remembering 205 years since the battle.

What battle?

A battle took place in our town of Grimsby on June 8th in 1813 during the War of 1812. As the American army retreated from Stoney Creek, they camped along the Forty Mile Creek here and were subsequently bombarded by British naval fire along the shores of Lake Ontario, joined by attacks on foot from our own 4th and 5th Regiments of the Lincoln Militia, along with our Indigenous allies.

Due to the significance of this event for our town, we hope to commemorate the 206th Anniversary of the Engagement at the Forty next June. We are a officially designated Battle Site, and are proud of the fact that we can provide education to the public about the rich history of Grimsby through our work here at Nelles Manor.

The commemoration of the Engagement of the Forty will be a two-day event. Re-enactors from around Ontario will be setting up their encampments at the Grimsby Museum on the Friday evening, June 7th. You are welcome to wander the encampments and see how soldiers and camp followers lived during the War. Demonstrations will follow on Saturday, June 8th. This event is NOT meant be a re-enactment of the Engagement at the Forty. Rather, there will be a flag-raising ceremony on the front lawn of Nelles Manor, and a number of demonstrations including musket-fire and military drills. You will also get to enjoy period correct food and drinks, entertainment, and music all in 1812 style. Of course, there will also be tours of our historic house.

This promises to be an exciting day! We are hard at work planning for this event, and hope to provide more updates as the date draws nearer.

Keep calm & toast the King!